January 7, 2010

Sweet Old Famous Cat

As some of you might know, I collect books & stuff with (one of) the names of our cats on the cover. Most of those items are books (a perfect combi of my love for both cats & books!), written by the Russian writer Alexander Puschkin. Thanks to fellow BookCrossers, I've got a whole range of Puschkin books in different languages now and I'm very proud of that collection.
And then sometimes you bump into gems like these:

Wow, a must-have for me!
I got in touch with the writer (she self published this book and it's not available in bookstores) and, lucky me, she still had 6 copies of this book! Whoohoo!
It's a children's book about a stray cat and it involves themes like friendship, trust and care.
The writer was surprised to hear from someone far away (she lives in Canada) and she's sending me an authographed copy. How great is that?

Here you can read more about this book and you wanna click here for her other animal themed children's book.

In the mean time, sweet old Puschkin is growing older and older, but we believe he's still happy. He sleeps all day, but his ears & appetite are still very good: whenever one of us goes into the kitchen, he wakes up and asks for (I should say demands) food. He seems very satisfied with the large basket we got from my sister, he's been using it about 22/23 hours a day since we put it in the living room.

(yippeeee, new graphic software!)

But Puschkin is not the only famous cat in the house: Muchkin has got his own card game! (Also a present of my sis)

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