February 26, 2010

Dutch Linebacker for Dallas!

Dallas Does Happy Dance
News from our local reporter

The Dallas Cowboys, an American football team from Texas, USA, are dancing for joy: a new and very talented linebacker was scouted and will lead the team to victory during the next NFL season.
This promising new member was scouted in The Netherlands, a weird little country somewhere in Europe, also referred to as "Holland". He was born & raised there, but he believes he's been born into the wrong part of the world. "I feel all American inside", he claims, "I discovered my true identity when I started drinking Coca Cola and it got worse after Mac Donald's opened its doors in our little Bible Belt village on the Dutch country side."

A mysterious box arrived at his home this week. A gift for his wife, our new man Albert figured: "she's involved in a mysterious movement called "BookCrossing" and those book people seem to like sending each other gifts, mostly books. I'm not a big reader, so I didn't show much interest in the box, until my wife said I should open the box because there was a surprise in it. A surprise for me!"
When Albert opened the box, he immediately recognized the blue star printed on two heavy duty football caps. The Cowboys! His favourite team! But there was more: a life size football helmet was enclosed as well!

"I just went crazy," Albert tells, "I grabbed my Cowboys shirt, put on the helmet, placed the caps on my wife's and my cat's heads and ran over to the soccer field near our home. I started making crazy football moves and my wife and cat were cheering. And then a car stopped. An American dude walked towards me and shook my hand. The rest is history: before I knew it, I was signing deals. It felt like coming home!". The big guy wipes a tear from his face. "Yes, we'll have to move to the States, the sooner the better. But I had to make one commitment to my old lady: we can't leave before the international BookCrossing convention has taken place and I promised to be on her side during that event."
Whispering, he adds: "I don't understand those people, why would you read books if you can watch the movies? But the people in that cult are friendly and hey, it's an American concept after all, so I'm kinda looking forward to that convention-meeting-thingy!".

Albert will have to work on his body, he admits: "A little extra padding here & there will make me a stronger linebacker. Jonathan Kirksey is my inspiration, he played for the Dutch team when the NFL Europe was still alive." 

If we look closely at Albert's picture, we notice something strange: twigs and leaves are growing out of his face. When we ask Albert about that curious disorder, he shakes his head and mumbles something about his wife being a vegetarian tree hugger. We wish him good luck with that, but most of all we wish him a wonderful carreer and new life in the States!

The Cowboys and their Happy Dance
Curious to see what else was in that mystery box?
Displayed below!

February 8, 2010


So glad Gotcha! is rising from its ashes, brings back some sweet ole memories :)

More from that time:

And of course:

(gosh, I miss Grunge!)

Closing with this one, it still makes me cry sometimes:

February 4, 2010

The neighbours hate me so much right now ;)

Found back my MJ album "Dangerous" and felt the need to pump up the volume ;)

Ah well, don't need MJ to piss off the neighbours, a leaf of our tree landing in their garden is enough. We laughed so hard a few days ago: it snowed and it would keep snowing all day. When the snow had stopped for a few minutes, the lady nextdoor came already out to sweep her path clean. An hour later everything was white again and on she went. And late in the evening, she swept it again. Right before a night that promised to be snowy. I know boredom when I see it...
Thinking of spraying fake snow on her tiles at night so she can enjoy it longer;)

Jeez, my moods are all over the place at the moment. Getting more & more hyper.
Next moodswing in 5, 4, 3, 2...
(gosh bps is so boring)