January 26, 2010

Cats in progress

April is coming closer and so is the BookCrossing Convention date! Over 200 tickets have been sold and the team of organising BookCrossers is working hard to make it a wonderful happening. It's gonna be a blast!
They asked me to design (or adjust a design) for a convention themed bookplate and of course I didn't say no, I love making those!
It took a while before anything decent would come out of the drawing pens, hadn't been drawing in a while and having a little injury on your writing/drawing hand doesn't help much either. Haha, figuring out how to draw tulips was the most challenging part ;) (not to mention windmills!)
The design is not completely ready, I'm not sure if I'll stick with the cheese background and the colours and I want the convention team to 'approve' it before I put it online. So you'll have to do it with a sneak peak for now:)

For more info on the convention, click here!

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