January 30, 2009

Indoor Sunbathing Cats

New Shirts

Hooray for the mail delivery guy today, he brought me these shirts. I bet there is someone here who can guess the brand ;)

The black one on the right is nice, but such a thin fabric and it attracts cat hair like crazy. Don't know, might be sending it back. The one on the left is definately gonna stay, I love it! More like a dress than a shirt, it reaches almost to my knees.

Oh, and this one I had printed (just had to^^):

January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Frédérique

Frédérique Spigt.
She turns 52 today ;)
Found a video of a song from '99 (the video is from last year). Isn't Lupa (the dog) adorable?

More video's here.

See you next tour, Fré!

Februari 3rd

That's the date I'm checking in here.
The building doesn't look very happy, does it?
Well, it's not a happy place.
They'll probably welcome me with a needle and a straight jacket and the only sunlight I'll get to see is when I'm guarded through these corridors, dragging along that ball & chain...
Will I ever escape?


I'm sorry, that's what the image makes me think of ;)
This actually will be a happy place for me; it's the new building of the place where I'll be getting a therapy programme of six weeks to find back my way on the good old Yellow Brick Road.
Last year hasn't been "such a good" year. A few nasty things happened (I'm sorry, not going into that - you'll have to read my Heavy blog for that) and I was swept off my feet. Need some professional helping hands to find back the balance and walk though life confident again.

I'll be home for the weekends and yep, you may count on updates during those home-moments:) Maybe not about the demons I'm fighting those weeks (again, for those details: other blog), but yes, I'll share some of my daily life there.

It all goes so much faster than I'd thought. Had expected to have to wait for at least one more week after this one, but this morning they called to invite me Tuesday next week.
I'm not looking forward to my stay, but I know I need it and I'm confident I'll feel a whole lot better soon. And that's worth fighting for!

I also hope I can make some pics of the buildings that look less depressing ;)

January 24, 2009

Fluffy Feet!


Inspired by Anne, I'm browsing through loads of tattoo sites. Check out some designs in this clip...unbelievable!!!

I want more ink!!!!!
Still hoping to find that one artist that can make a wonderful (half) sleeve around my crappy gecko tatt, but I guess I've got to have a bit more money in my wallet for that ;)

Another idea that's waiting for the right time & place: a tattoo on or around the scars on my arm. Seen some nice results:

Oh well...dream on, girl!

One more:


Strangers in the Night

It was late at night and I saw a moving shadow through the glass of the front door. Opened the door, assuming it was one of the cats waiting to let in, and there was this little hedgehog, staring at me. Hi cutie, shouldn't you be asleep?While I was trying to see if the hedgehog was allright, Sacharov came out to see what all the fuzz was about. Hmm, no reason to defend the property and not even edible, he seemed to think. The hedgehog wasn't very impressed either.
Both Puschkin and Molotov showed up. Puschkin wasn't impressed either, but Molotov was all over the place, jumping and sniffing, trying to find out what the heck this little thing was. A kitten with needles? When he started to tap his new pal on the back, I decided to seperate them before someone's paws got hurt ;)
Took the whole feline bunch with me inside and closed the door.
Fifteen minutes later, the hedgehog was still there, like it was waiting for something. Maybe hungry? Most of these creatures are in hibernation right now, but this one was very awake and it didn't look sick or wounded. A lot smaller than the hedgehog that lives somewhere in our garden, so I figured this might be a young one that's just too restless to go into deep sleep yet.
Put some cat food on a lid (checked some info online; if you want to feed them, the best options are cat food, fruit, boiled eggs or worms. Didn't happen to have any worms in the fridge and we were out of apples & eggs as well) and left the guy alone with it.

He seemed to like it!
After a while the hedgehog was gone and somebody else had a nice late night snack :)

January 23, 2009

PETA files: Michael Vick

Copied from the mail I received today:

Urge the NFL to Test Michael Vick for Brain Disorder!PETA has
written to the NFL following a recent USDA report indicating that Michael Vick
has characteristics that fit the profile for serious antisocial personality
disorder. We think Vick should
a brain scan
before the NFL even considers the possibility of letting him
back into the league.
The reason PETA has started this petition:
Based on the fact that Vick funded and participated in a massive dogfighting operation (playing a direct role in hanging, drowning, or shooting countless dogs—and even slamming dogs to the ground to break their backs), it might seem obvious that there's something wrong with the guy. But whether or not Vick is indeed a clinical psychopath is an important piece of a bigger puzzle.
For the past 18 months, PETA has been meeting with Vick's management and legal teams behind the scenes about having Vick deliver a strong anti-dogfighting TV spot. If Vick is truly remorseful for what he's done, as he's said publically and privately, then a message from him telling people to stop these crimes could get through to dogfighters who relate to him. However, that's a big "if."
The only way to know for sure if Vick can change his ways is for him to submit himself for a brain scan and psychological test. Based on a number of factors—such as the fact that the right side of the hippocampus is larger than the left in 94 percent of captured psychopaths—these tests can help determine if Vick can ever truly understand that dog fighting is a sick, cruel business. Or, they could suggest that he's doomed to repeat mean, violent behavior in the future—whether with dogs or other human beings. And given that Vick plans to be around a lot of kids, to give talks to them, and to be a star in their eyes again, the world deserves to know who he is inside.
Vick's lawyers have run screaming, but unless and until he passes such a test, PETA will not participate in the production of a Michael Vick anti-dogfighting PSA. We hope that the NFL will require such a test as a precondition to even discussing the possibility of Vick's reinstatement. You can click here to add your name to a petition calling on the NFL to stick to its guns and maintain Vick's suspension until he's taken and passed a brain scan and psychological evaluation.

Michael Vick, major asshole

I signed the petition, will you?

January 22, 2009


This picture is on Anne's site, it's a pin from an animals' rights org. Translated: "forget fur! grow a beard!". The most original statement I've seen in ages, just loving it!

I'm gonna get a shirt printed for Albert and I'm looking for a great beard quote to put on it. Ideas, anyone?
I found a few on this website (on which you can show off your own beard, hint hint^^):

Visit beards.org!

There must be cooler quotes though.
The best I found yet: "my beard eats goatees for breakfast" and "yes, I am with beard".
Oh, and a matching quote for beard loving ladies would be awesome too :)

January 19, 2009

January 16, 2009

I bet this one is gonna be printed too

Mathijs' latest design is up for votes.
Some people look at the clouds and see all kinds of things; I guess my brother gets that tickle from watching rocks :)
Click on the pic to see the design and if you like it, please rate it & click on I'd buy it. Thanks!
Volcanos are just mountains with bad digestion - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

January 14, 2009

My dad will hate my boots

Tough talk with the shrink today, but a reward was waiting for me afterwards: hunt for new shoes! Quite a challenge with all the discounts (and a rather small budget), but I was determined: I want new boots and they have got to be different from what I've been wearing for years now.
My hubby thought he loved shopping...well, I think he's cured now ;)
Meet my new feet company:

Yep, very unlike me, that's what I fell for.
I went home with my old shoes in the bag and the new boots on my feet, just like when I was a little girl who got new shoes from mom and dad.
Dad wouldn't have approved on these, that's for sure. Can't wait to show 'em :)

January 12, 2009

Wanna Vote?

One of the sites I've been visiting a lot last year is the Threadless site. Lots of great tees to browse, score and of course buy! Anyone can send in their design, the public gets to vote and the nicest ones appear in the shop.

My youngest brother Mathijs submitted his design "Icebergs Just Wanna Have Fun" last year and it was chosen to be printed!

Now, Threadless is looking for the best design of 2008. Guess where my vote went? ;)

If you like the design and want to support Mathijs too, please go to the Threadless voting page and scroll to the designs of November. Click on the Iceberg picture and you're done!

On behalf of Mathijs: thank you!!!

January 10, 2009

Pigs in Heaven

Ah, this is so great!
I'm sorry the clip is in Dutch, but I think the images already tell a lot about the love this woman, Dafne Westerhof, has for all animals...

She's telling in the clip about the place she initiated: Het Beloofde Varkensland, which means "the promised pig land". She rescues animals (not only pigs) from the bio industry and gives them a whole new life. All they have to do, is to enjoy life. They have lots of space, good food, attention and they even get massaged!
People can adopt a pig and in exchange they can visit the pigs and cuddle with them. Or get a workshop "pig massaging". How cool is that? The animals really enjoy it and it's relaxing for the people too.
Definately want to visit this place! June, maybe? ;)

More about Het Beloofde Varkensland here.
(edit: now links to a page in English)

Slimming or Cheesing?

Bumped into this weird hype while wilfing: Slimming. Sounds healthier than it is; this is the description:

"Slimming" is the vaginal or anal insertion of a liquor (usually vodka)
soaked tampon for the purpose of rapid intoxication.
Usually an attempt by a
teenager to avoid detection of alcohol on their breath.
guy: What was she drinking last night? She was TRASHED!
girl: Oh, she was slimming!

Experts say it's even more dangerous than the so-called "coma-drinking", which seems to be kind of a trend here in Holland (kids died of it already) and the part about not having alcohol in your breath is a myth. And what about damage to the tissue?
Maybe you'd rather try cheesing:

January 7, 2009

Coming Out: Bald!

Guess people will start to notice any day now, so why not have another coming out ;)
Feb. 2007: messed-up Britney shaves her head
Jan. 2009: messed-up Xamantha does the same. Again.

Hell yeah it was impulsive and hell yeah I did regret it the next day. But you know what? I'm growing to like it!
Not used to it enough to walk around bare-headed in public, so I browsed around for a temporary solution. Found one: an online shop that sells all kinds of Islamic products offers a wide variety of headscarves. Always wanted to try one. Not the ones that cover head, neck and shoulders (well would love to try those but it would feel like mocking muslim women), but the small ones. So I bought a few:

The black one with lace and the dark purple one are already my favourites. Today I wore the purple scarf. Big plus: it was really cold outside but my head & ears stayed warm!

Left a trail of 11 BookCrossing books, but more about that later :)

January 6, 2009

things I found out about myself (1)

You Should Get An All Over Tattoo

Outrageous and funky

Because you should never have to choose just one tattoo

You Are a Norwegian Forest Cat

You are both athletic and adventurous.

You dream of climbing the highest mountain and surfing the biggest waves.

While you are active and spirited, you are also sweet and cuddly.

You're very family oriented, and you love to be around people.

things I found out about myself (2)

You Could Definitely Be a Vegetarian

You would make a great vegetarian - if you aren't one already.

You're adventurous enough to try all sorts of new veggie foods...

And your commitment to animal welfare will motivate you to stay meat free!

You Should Learn Swedish

Fantastisk! You're laid back about learning a language - and about life in general.

Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you... And you won't even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!

things I found out about myself (3)

You Should Follow Buddhism

Like Buddhists, you're not concerned with the ideas of god, heaven, or religious purity.

You rather focus on eliminating suffering from your life and developing a deeper sense of compassion.

For you, bliss is something you find within yourself through reflection and meditation.

Everything is temporary, and you don't get to attached to possessions or people.

You May Be a Bit Borderline...

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!

When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...

And when you're down, your whole world is crashing

Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

January 5, 2009


What a nice surprise: waking up and finding the world all white!

January 4, 2009

Brand New Blog

One of my resolutions for 2009: creating a light version of my previous blog.
You're welcome to travel along on my rocky road and read about my bits & pieces, my books & cats, my dreams & hopes, my ups & downs. Smiles & tears too, but my resolution is to keep the darker parts of my life more to myself.
This is Xamantha Light.