July 24, 2010

Lights in Darkness

My friend, calling me on the phone & texting me, asking how I'm doing.  My hubby with his thousands little acts of kindness & care every day. Mysterious boxes in the mail that smell like chocolate, coffee & books. (more about the boxes later)

I feel supported. You make the darkness inside light up a bit, just enough to see the ground beneath my feet.
Thank you.

July 11, 2010

Ah, those summer nights!

That song from Grease got stuck in my head yesterday;)

Another sleepless night, the weather is killing me. We've got a powerful fan in the bedroom and the window is wide open, but the air is too hot & sticky for me to catch my sleep. Finished the book I was reading, didn't feel like picking another one from the To Be Read pile.
Downstairs now, temperature is better here. Found a nice cold can of orange juice in the fridge. Oh and there's a little bit of Passoa in the can as well ;)

^^I'm *so* rock'n'roll, that's obvious when you watch these pictures:

This tiny creature I'm making for the aunt who surprised me with really delicate yarn. It's just a few centimeters in height and I think I'll give it tall floppy bunny ears.
And this is one of the side effects: crocheting blisters!
Joined a project where everyone uses the same pattern, this time it's an elephant. Didn't like the original snout (?), so I did a bit of freestyling. Still not sure if I like it, but the yarn has great effects. Bought it in a crafty store, think it's meant to knit socks with.
My super fancy stitch marker! ;)

Even more fancy & haute cuisine!

Nephew Noah being his cute little self
Sachie prefers the fan over the sun, but here he's enjoying the sunlight:
Puschkin: hey punk, that's MY basket!

Jeez, what a messy blog entry this is. Guess I'm just passing time...ah well.

July 4, 2010


Albert had spaghetti bolognese today...and something tells me he had dinner company ;)