January 16, 2010



  1. cool sis!! i love it.
    and like you wrote, it is impossible to sleep on that side, hurts like hell. and waiting all that time before replacing it with a ring is just soo long...
    hope you will be free from infections and stuff.

    and hey, that loop through that guys helix. oh wow how cool! i want one like that too. amazing and cool.

    i am just about to start writing a resume and a letter for a job application. it's at the same place but another department and doing more creative stuff i think. but i just don't know yet if i want it 100%...
    it's a lonesome job and just me, hunting for stuff to complete like our internal "fanzine" and putting out info on the website. so i don't know yet. but at the moment i could just puke on my working situation so what have i got to lose...?!


  2. http://greatpiercingshop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/piercings.png
    Also cool!