May 5, 2011

Blind Cat Rescue Fund

My friend Meeka supports this wonderful cause. You can help by clicking 1 Doesn't cost you any, no need to register or give your email, just a click ;)

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Blind Cat Rescue
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May 1, 2011


 Today we've welcomed a new cat into our family. Meet Sjors!
 And before you ask: yes, we have enough cats living with us already and no, Sjors isn't going to live with us. We have adopted him, but he lives in a wonderful place and he wants to stay there. He's one of the cats of Stichting Help de Zwerfkat, an amazing home for cats who can't be placed with families (because of age, illness, handicap, shyness or avoidance of the litter box). Els Verkerk initiated this as a rescue shelter, but after a while she noticed the older and shy cats were hard to find a new home for. She decided to dedicate her work to giving those cats a home in her own house and garden.

I've read about this organisation before and was touched by the story. Of course it is important for any stray cat to find a good home, but cuddly kittens have a much bigger chance to be adopted.

It was Etsy (or actually the animal loving people on Etsy) that made me decide to find a charity cause to donate some of my sales to. Many other Etsy people do the same and inspired me. Did a thorough search and this was the cause that struck me the most. They offer the possibility to choose one of their cats and send a monthly donation. Albert and I fell in love with the pictures of Sjors. Or actually, we fell in love with every single cat on the website, but it feels great to have a name and a face to donate to.
I emailed Els yesterday and received a very friendly email back today: "yes, you can support Sjors and you're very welcome to visit him". She sent along these beautiful pictures as well. Whoohoo, so happy with this decision! Visiting him will be hard, Uithoorn is quite a drive from here, but I think we'll make that trip at least once in the future. Would love to meet him and of course the wonderful people of this project!

On Etsy, I joined the Artists for Animals team. Here's a list of the members, each one donates to an animal related cause. So if you decide to buy from any of these shops, you're supporting animal causes!

Welcome to the clan, Sjors!