January 2, 2010

Don't be such a baby, get pierced!

My gosh, how horrible is this?!
Bumped into this product when I was browsing for info on different piercing methods, was curious what people had to say about that push through method (much like a piercing gun, but it uses manual force instead of shooting). From what I've read so far, I'm not a fan of this method for anything other than earlobes.

Anyway, what I also found was this:
"your child has to be at least 6 weeks before having their ears pierced"
Excuse me??? I always feel so bad when I see todlers or even babies with earstuds. There should definitely be a law that forbids things like that!

I'm finally done thinking about what piercing to get and where. I adore lip piercings, would love to have one, but my teeth are damaged already and I don't want more damage there, so I've dropped that plan.
My 2nd choice was an eyebrow piercing, but now that I'm wearing glasses again I think there's enough bling going on in my face. It's gonna be a helix: a piercing through the upper part of the ear. Not world shocking, but I like how they look:

Will go for a smaller ring and maybe placed a bit higher.
Another step in the right direction :) I hope to be able to have the tattoo on my lower arm adjusted/ transformed into something nicer someday and I think my upper right arm and one of my ankles could use some decoration as well, but that's for later, when we are rich ;)


  1. go for the helix!
    i used to have one several years ago but got problems with it. but i didn't wear a ring which i think was my problem as i had a stud behind the ear and that sort of pressed on to the pillow when i was sleeping and gave me a sore ear. so i had to take it out because it never healed properly.

    i am also going for a new ear piercing. this time i'm getting a conch. love how they look.
    i would also like to stretch my "regular" holes in my earnibs but i'm not sure about that yet.

    and like you i would like to improve my tattoos and get new ones. but that will be when i am rich. ;)

    knuf! and make sure to show a photo or two once you got yours done!

  2. ooh, a conch is pretty! so many options for the ears alone!
    stretching is not my thing, but I like it on others. Maartje has these great see through plugs in both lobes, black with a star inside.

    let's get rich and go on a tattoo trip together! :D

    (of course photos will follow!)