January 11, 2010

New Cat in Town

Today it was Munchkin's job to guard the garden.

Suddenly he returns to the house.
"Guys, guys, you'll never believe what I've just seen!"

"I thought I saw Molotov..."

"but when I watched closer..."

"...and closer..."

"...it was a whole different cat!
I'm still quite confused."

Brave old Puschkin cane out to see what all the fuzz
was about, but the snow was cold on his paws.

Very cold!

"Munchkin, you sissy, it's just a kitten, don't make such
a big deal of it!"

"and it's way too cold, I'm outta here!"

Molotov: "Did someone say my name? A kitten?
Where, where?!"

The End.

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