March 27, 2010

Feline Adventures

After a little walk, guided by both his humans and 3 of the other cats, a surprise was waiting for Puschkin. A new fancy basket! Now he's got a 2 room, 2 floor appartment. We were surprised and glad that he accepted this new sleeping place. Cats, and especially Puschkin, want to make their own choices and most of the time they ignore the things you've bought for them and choose to sleep in a box or play with the wrapping of the toy you bought. One of the million reasons why I love cats!

We put Puschkins favourite blanket in the new basket and in no time he was deep asleep. He didn't even wake up when Pavlov and later Munchkin explored the upper part of the basket.
Molotov, on the other hand, preferred a plain old box :)

March 25, 2010

Sweet Old Man

(yes, we do feed him enough and yes, he's still enjoying life. little walks around the house are a joy to us all)

March 20, 2010

Online Shopping

I had so much fun with the web shop I stumbled upon today: They've got quite a broad assortment and the descriptions are entertaining.

Surpising to find all kinds of tools for  grave maintenance, placed in the category  "hobby". Quite a hobby!

check out Holy Mary!

And this? It looks like a torture tool or something. It's an anti snore retainer, the most drastic one I've ever seen! We've tried many anti snoring aids, from nose stickers, nose clips, sprays and even an expensive pillow, but my darling is so good at snoring, he beats every method! ;)
Hmmm, next month is his birthday...*wink*
But this I couldn't ignore. Our old man Puschkin has used a large basket (we got it from my sister, her cat ignored the thing -as cats are supposed to do^^) for over 4 months, but he seems to have changed his mind about it, he doesn't want to use it anymore. We thought "maybe he wants something a little less open" and moved the travel basket (a round one) to the living room. Indeed, he spends his days in that basket now, seems to have forgotten how much he hated that vet-related item. But how stressful would it be for him if we took him to the vet again in that basket? I would stop trusting the person who's got the guts to abuse my favourite furniture like that!
So this 2-floors basket is coming our way. It looks purrrfect! :)

March 17, 2010

March 9, 2010


The hairdresser & I are getting used to each other. The first couple of times she was careful not to give me a too butchy/boyish haircut, but now she grabs the tondeuse rightaway and I don't even have to re-do my hair when I come home. This is the style that suits me at the moment, this feels like "me". Wish I could have her dye my hair as well, but the wallet doesn't allow a professional colouring. Ah well, a pack of dark red dye plus a can of peroxide is waiting for me to be creative, it's gonna be just fine :)

Well, appointment with the shrink went well this morning, my hair doesn't look like our former prime minister/Harry Potter anymore, I did 6 themed book releases and the whole trip was panic free, so I'm satisfied!

Oh and I may have found the perfect volunteering job: the organisation where Albert works, is looking for people who want to teach some of their (mentally challenged) clients to read & write. Would love to do that!
I've also found two other projects: a local gay magazine needs a person who can write, edit and illustrate for them and another local magazine (mental health related) has got a similar opening. Hmmm, maybe this is the opportunity I was waiting for!

Whatever happened to equality?

This song gives words to how I feel right now about our little country full of hate towards "foreigners"...

I've got a soul
That cannot sleep
At night when something
Just ain't right
Blood red
But without sight
Exploding egos
In the night
Mix like sticks
Of dynamite
Red black or white
This is my fight
Come on courage
Let's be heard
Turn feelings
Into words
American equality
Has always been sour
An attitude
I would like to devour
My name is peace
This is my hour
Can I get
Just a little bit of power

The power of equality
Is not yet what it ought to be (ought to be)
It fills me up like a hollow tree (hollow tree)
The power of equality

Right or wrong
My song is strong
You don't like it
Get along
Say what I want
Do what I can
Death to the message
Of the Ku Klux Klan
I don't buy supremacy
Media chief
You menace me
The people you say
'Cause all the crime
Wake up motherfucker
And smell the slime
Blackest anger
Whitest fear
Can you hear me
Am I clear
My name is peace
This is my hour
Can I get
Just a little bit of power

The power of equality
Is not yet what it ought to be (ought to be)
It fills me up like a hollow tree (hollow tree)
The power of equality

I've got tapes
I've got CD's
I've got my public enemy
My lilly white ass
Is tickled pink
When I listen to the music
That makes me think
Not another
Motherfuckin' politician
Doin' nothin' but something
For his own ambition
Never touch
The sound we make
Soul sacred love
Vows that we take
To create straight
What is true
Yo he's with me
And what I do
My name is peace
This is my hour
Can I get
Just a little bit of power

The power of equality
Is not yet what it ought to be (ought to be)
It fills me up like a hollow tree (hollow tree)
The power of equality

Madder than a motherfucker
Lick my finger
Can't forget
'Cause the memory lingers
Count 'em off quick
Little piccadilly sickness
Take me to the hick
Eat my thickness
I've got a welt
From the bible belt
Dealing with the hand
That I've been dealt
Sitting in the grip
Of a killing fist
Giving up blood
Just to exist
Rub me wrong
And I get pissed
No I cannot
Get to this
People in pain
I do not dig it
Change of brain
For Mr Bigot

Little brother do you hear me
Have a heart oh come get near me
Misery is not my friend
But I'll break before I bend
What I see is insanity
What ever happened to humanity
What ever happened to humanity
What ever happened to humanity

March 5, 2010

Didn't know that!

Watched a nice documentary about The Doors on one of the Belgian tv channels and learned something new: I had no idea the origin of Alabama Song ("Whisky Bar") lies in German opera. Nice to learn something new!

March 3, 2010

Dutch Delight

Scored some red/white/blue ribbons today, so I could finally finish the bookmarks I'm making for the convention. Printing, cutting and laminating was already done, so this evening it was all about punching & attaching ribbons. Done!

It feels weird though, to work with this Dutch theme while keeping one eye on the news about local elections that were held today. Lots of votes for the extreme right party. I don't feel very 'proud of Holland' at the moment. Yuk. :(

Say (&eat!) cheese!

Kitschy but oh so cute, these ribbons ;)
Watching the elections...