February 15, 2009

Some pics

Some pics of the building I'm staying:

Last Sunday I had a moment of total tranquility. Right after breakfast I went walking, taking my camera with me to make the walk nicer, and while I was strolling through a piece of the forest, I suddenly noticed a red glow in the distance. Heather! (heide) I knew it had to be close to Wolfheze, but thís close?! Wow!
It must have been almost 16 or 17 years ago since I walked around on heather fields and I forgot how gorgeous they are. I'd been feeling lost and lonely amongst the big crowd of people the whole week, but now that I was really by myself with no other living souls around me (besides some wildlife) the loneliness disappeared, together with the tension. I just stood there and cried. "This is what happiness feels like", I thought, "this is what I'm looking for".
Maybe I should buy a "hutje op de hei" (a cabin on the heather fields, a Dutch expression that means something like living isolated) after all?

Some pics of my stroll: