January 24, 2009

Strangers in the Night

It was late at night and I saw a moving shadow through the glass of the front door. Opened the door, assuming it was one of the cats waiting to let in, and there was this little hedgehog, staring at me. Hi cutie, shouldn't you be asleep?While I was trying to see if the hedgehog was allright, Sacharov came out to see what all the fuzz was about. Hmm, no reason to defend the property and not even edible, he seemed to think. The hedgehog wasn't very impressed either.
Both Puschkin and Molotov showed up. Puschkin wasn't impressed either, but Molotov was all over the place, jumping and sniffing, trying to find out what the heck this little thing was. A kitten with needles? When he started to tap his new pal on the back, I decided to seperate them before someone's paws got hurt ;)
Took the whole feline bunch with me inside and closed the door.
Fifteen minutes later, the hedgehog was still there, like it was waiting for something. Maybe hungry? Most of these creatures are in hibernation right now, but this one was very awake and it didn't look sick or wounded. A lot smaller than the hedgehog that lives somewhere in our garden, so I figured this might be a young one that's just too restless to go into deep sleep yet.
Put some cat food on a lid (checked some info online; if you want to feed them, the best options are cat food, fruit, boiled eggs or worms. Didn't happen to have any worms in the fridge and we were out of apples & eggs as well) and left the guy alone with it.

He seemed to like it!
After a while the hedgehog was gone and somebody else had a nice late night snack :)

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