January 7, 2009

Coming Out: Bald!

Guess people will start to notice any day now, so why not have another coming out ;)
Feb. 2007: messed-up Britney shaves her head
Jan. 2009: messed-up Xamantha does the same. Again.

Hell yeah it was impulsive and hell yeah I did regret it the next day. But you know what? I'm growing to like it!
Not used to it enough to walk around bare-headed in public, so I browsed around for a temporary solution. Found one: an online shop that sells all kinds of Islamic products offers a wide variety of headscarves. Always wanted to try one. Not the ones that cover head, neck and shoulders (well would love to try those but it would feel like mocking muslim women), but the small ones. So I bought a few:

The black one with lace and the dark purple one are already my favourites. Today I wore the purple scarf. Big plus: it was really cold outside but my head & ears stayed warm!

Left a trail of 11 BookCrossing books, but more about that later :)

1 comment:

  1. cool girl! that shaved head looks so great on you, wish i would too. but i have too big ears that would stand out even more if i had a shaved head. just have to admire the others who look great in it. those scarves look nice too, wish i could see one of them from the back as well, to figure it out better. :)

    hey, yeah, those waffle irons might not be too pricey if they are electrical, i just wonder how big they will be to bring back home on the plane though...if a traditional is smaller than the elecrical? i could definately go for a traditional one, as long as it works alright and won't give me any functioning problems. :)
    maybe you could guide me around in june?!
    i've been already checking out one point i have to go to in amsterdam on my b'day:


    but i want to change the K to M! :)