January 10, 2009

Slimming or Cheesing?

Bumped into this weird hype while wilfing: Slimming. Sounds healthier than it is; this is the description:

"Slimming" is the vaginal or anal insertion of a liquor (usually vodka)
soaked tampon for the purpose of rapid intoxication.
Usually an attempt by a
teenager to avoid detection of alcohol on their breath.
guy: What was she drinking last night? She was TRASHED!
girl: Oh, she was slimming!

Experts say it's even more dangerous than the so-called "coma-drinking", which seems to be kind of a trend here in Holland (kids died of it already) and the part about not having alcohol in your breath is a myth. And what about damage to the tissue?
Maybe you'd rather try cheesing:

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