January 10, 2009

Pigs in Heaven

Ah, this is so great!
I'm sorry the clip is in Dutch, but I think the images already tell a lot about the love this woman, Dafne Westerhof, has for all animals...

She's telling in the clip about the place she initiated: Het Beloofde Varkensland, which means "the promised pig land". She rescues animals (not only pigs) from the bio industry and gives them a whole new life. All they have to do, is to enjoy life. They have lots of space, good food, attention and they even get massaged!
People can adopt a pig and in exchange they can visit the pigs and cuddle with them. Or get a workshop "pig massaging". How cool is that? The animals really enjoy it and it's relaxing for the people too.
Definately want to visit this place! June, maybe? ;)

More about Het Beloofde Varkensland here.
(edit: now links to a page in English)


  1. what a wonderful place! i would love to visit and take a pigs massage class! :)
    what a splendid way to spend time in holland. and come home and tell all about the pigs massage course i took whilst in holland. :-)

    is it far away from ochten/uden?

  2. I think no distance in Holland can be called 'far' when you're from Sweden ;)
    It's in Amstelveen, not far from Amsterdam. And hey, they've got info in English as well:
    I've never been there, but heard a lot about it. All good stories!