January 28, 2009

Februari 3rd

That's the date I'm checking in here.
The building doesn't look very happy, does it?
Well, it's not a happy place.
They'll probably welcome me with a needle and a straight jacket and the only sunlight I'll get to see is when I'm guarded through these corridors, dragging along that ball & chain...
Will I ever escape?


I'm sorry, that's what the image makes me think of ;)
This actually will be a happy place for me; it's the new building of the place where I'll be getting a therapy programme of six weeks to find back my way on the good old Yellow Brick Road.
Last year hasn't been "such a good" year. A few nasty things happened (I'm sorry, not going into that - you'll have to read my Heavy blog for that) and I was swept off my feet. Need some professional helping hands to find back the balance and walk though life confident again.

I'll be home for the weekends and yep, you may count on updates during those home-moments:) Maybe not about the demons I'm fighting those weeks (again, for those details: other blog), but yes, I'll share some of my daily life there.

It all goes so much faster than I'd thought. Had expected to have to wait for at least one more week after this one, but this morning they called to invite me Tuesday next week.
I'm not looking forward to my stay, but I know I need it and I'm confident I'll feel a whole lot better soon. And that's worth fighting for!

I also hope I can make some pics of the buildings that look less depressing ;)

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  1. i really hope you will get the best of help this time and get back on your feet and become stronger than ever before.
    we will be thinking of you and we will call you guys during some of the weekends, maybe you are up for some chatting or then we'll speak to/through albert!
    today we had some belgian waffles!! weee! there is a four-day-market i örebro at the moment and last year they had these waffles, as well as this year! oh, it was heaven! *LOL*

    take care at the centre and remember you are in our thoughts. maybe you could e-mail the address to the place? think i removed it from the address list after you arrived from there the last time.