January 14, 2009

My dad will hate my boots

Tough talk with the shrink today, but a reward was waiting for me afterwards: hunt for new shoes! Quite a challenge with all the discounts (and a rather small budget), but I was determined: I want new boots and they have got to be different from what I've been wearing for years now.
My hubby thought he loved shopping...well, I think he's cured now ;)
Meet my new feet company:

Yep, very unlike me, that's what I fell for.
I went home with my old shoes in the bag and the new boots on my feet, just like when I was a little girl who got new shoes from mom and dad.
Dad wouldn't have approved on these, that's for sure. Can't wait to show 'em :)


  1. cool choice of boots, not what i had expected at all from you! but hey, that's the fun part of it, choosing something completely different as a change!

    at work we had to give suggestions for this years vacation period and i have suggested the first week in june as one of my vacations...heading down south hopefully!
    just thought you'd know about it ;) as you will play a huge part of that vacation i guess. :)
    hope that will work for you guys.

  2. wohoo! great! michael will ask at his work too, don't think there will be any problem for that.
    at the mo i'm looking for cheap flights, just looking at prices. ryan air has some really cheap ones between stockholm and eindhoven, but i don't know if ryan air is to be trusted...they don't give any refunds if you have to cancel the tickets. on the other hand, it isn't loads of money.