March 27, 2010

Feline Adventures

After a little walk, guided by both his humans and 3 of the other cats, a surprise was waiting for Puschkin. A new fancy basket! Now he's got a 2 room, 2 floor appartment. We were surprised and glad that he accepted this new sleeping place. Cats, and especially Puschkin, want to make their own choices and most of the time they ignore the things you've bought for them and choose to sleep in a box or play with the wrapping of the toy you bought. One of the million reasons why I love cats!

We put Puschkins favourite blanket in the new basket and in no time he was deep asleep. He didn't even wake up when Pavlov and later Munchkin explored the upper part of the basket.
Molotov, on the other hand, preferred a plain old box :)

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