April 14, 2010

Silver Balls & Linings

A new piece of steel in my ear, my grey hairs wanted to be in the picture as well ;) (sorry for the bit of blood)

I hoped the piercer would replace my helix piercing for a ring, but since it's not completely healed (takes about 9 months in cartilage, it's 3.5 months now), he only wants to do it with a sterilized ring. I chose a nice & tiny one (8mm), will go back there next week.

But I'm happy!
Couldn't pass the 2nd hand bookstore without browsing & buying, scored 3 more books in English for the convention (already this weekend!!!).

Have had some health problems lately. First a jaw infection and right after that a flu-like stomach virus. The fever is finally gone now and I'm saving my energy for the convention.

@Anne: you were right, the tragus feels like it instantly healed, quite a difference with the helix. Hope it will give as less problems as yours. Thanks for being my info person! <3

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