March 9, 2010


The hairdresser & I are getting used to each other. The first couple of times she was careful not to give me a too butchy/boyish haircut, but now she grabs the tondeuse rightaway and I don't even have to re-do my hair when I come home. This is the style that suits me at the moment, this feels like "me". Wish I could have her dye my hair as well, but the wallet doesn't allow a professional colouring. Ah well, a pack of dark red dye plus a can of peroxide is waiting for me to be creative, it's gonna be just fine :)

Well, appointment with the shrink went well this morning, my hair doesn't look like our former prime minister/Harry Potter anymore, I did 6 themed book releases and the whole trip was panic free, so I'm satisfied!

Oh and I may have found the perfect volunteering job: the organisation where Albert works, is looking for people who want to teach some of their (mentally challenged) clients to read & write. Would love to do that!
I've also found two other projects: a local gay magazine needs a person who can write, edit and illustrate for them and another local magazine (mental health related) has got a similar opening. Hmmm, maybe this is the opportunity I was waiting for!

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