March 3, 2010

Dutch Delight

Scored some red/white/blue ribbons today, so I could finally finish the bookmarks I'm making for the convention. Printing, cutting and laminating was already done, so this evening it was all about punching & attaching ribbons. Done!

It feels weird though, to work with this Dutch theme while keeping one eye on the news about local elections that were held today. Lots of votes for the extreme right party. I don't feel very 'proud of Holland' at the moment. Yuk. :(

Say (&eat!) cheese!

Kitschy but oh so cute, these ribbons ;)
Watching the elections...


  1. Love those klompen on the book's feet!

    But I was thinking, the book in my mind is facing the "wrong" way, don't you think? Running to the left feels like going "backwards" and having the back/spine to that direction feels closed my mind it would be positive if the legs were facing to the right (more running towards something/to the open side of the book). Or maybe it's just me...maybe I'm over analyzing...

  2. Ah, but I happen to love analyzing designs! :)
    I know what you mean, if I had to design a running book, it would have ran the other way indeed. I don't know if I would place the legs otherwise though: this way the spine is more like a face or something.
    If the book was running the other way, it would have suggested more movement, now it's a bit like it has to battle against the wind. Haha, but maybe that's drawn just the right way, the fight of old-fashioned paper books in a digital time :)

    The running book is called BallyCumber and it's been BookCrossing's mascot since the start. If you go to and click question 2, there's an explanation.

    A fellow Dutch BookCrosser adjusted the design (added clogs) a few years ago, when we heard the international meeting would take place in Amsterdam this year. She's a painter, makes things like these:
    (isn't that awesome, someone who does everything by hand, with a brush, in times like these?)

    So the clogs aren't my design either ;) I borrowed the adjusted logo because it's used for everything around the convention and I don't want to change a thing about it!