March 20, 2010

Online Shopping

I had so much fun with the web shop I stumbled upon today: They've got quite a broad assortment and the descriptions are entertaining.

Surpising to find all kinds of tools for  grave maintenance, placed in the category  "hobby". Quite a hobby!

check out Holy Mary!

And this? It looks like a torture tool or something. It's an anti snore retainer, the most drastic one I've ever seen! We've tried many anti snoring aids, from nose stickers, nose clips, sprays and even an expensive pillow, but my darling is so good at snoring, he beats every method! ;)
Hmmm, next month is his birthday...*wink*
But this I couldn't ignore. Our old man Puschkin has used a large basket (we got it from my sister, her cat ignored the thing -as cats are supposed to do^^) for over 4 months, but he seems to have changed his mind about it, he doesn't want to use it anymore. We thought "maybe he wants something a little less open" and moved the travel basket (a round one) to the living room. Indeed, he spends his days in that basket now, seems to have forgotten how much he hated that vet-related item. But how stressful would it be for him if we took him to the vet again in that basket? I would stop trusting the person who's got the guts to abuse my favourite furniture like that!
So this 2-floors basket is coming our way. It looks purrrfect! :)

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