May 22, 2009

We <3 Wageningen!

Today we got to spend some time in Wageningen again, always a joy!
Some pics:

<-- yikes, me no like this plant tower!

<--- is she trying to pick up old men? is she hitch-hiking? no, she's expressing her love for oliebollen! (but she didn't buy any - good girl!)

<---picking up a "from Holland to Sweden" proof box at the post office

<--- tea time!

<--- probably our favourite spot in Wageningen. Is it because the café is called "De Kater" (the tom cat)?

<--- bright white hairs pop up in Albert's beard; I simply adore them! (and the owner is cute as well!)

<--- book release

<--- another book set free

<---but this one I just bought, so it can stay with me for a while. A friend tipped me about this writer and I kept seeing these books everywhere. How could I resist?

<---and this reminded us of that same friend :)

<---waiting for the bus

<---little surprise for one of the cats

<---Albert, realising sunglasses would be handy

<--- me, thinking it's forbidden to smile when you're wearing sunglasses...
Bye, Wageningen, see you again soon!
(oh and please give us a house, we want to grow old(er) here!)


  1. aaah. lovely to go with you to wageningen. thanks for the tea and the nice weather. hope to see you again soon! ;)
    ps. thank u so much for the e-mail, a stone fell off my chest and i'll reply soon!

  2. We will definately drag you guys along to this lovely town! So many genuine people over there, you'll fit right in :)