May 22, 2009

BookCrossing generosity

Yesterday a heavy envelope landed in my mailbox. I wasn't expecting anything, so what could it be?
When I saw the BookCrossing sticker on the back and the name on the front, I already started smiling: a present from another BookCrosser! Whooohoooo!
Last year I joined a gift exchange initiative (Holiday Gift Giving) and it was a blast. Sent out lots of envelopes and received even more wonderful gifts. Big ones, small ones, all chosen with care and received with a big smile.
I wasn't aware there was another Gift Giving project going, but sweet Shemchin remembered my wishlist from last year and sent me presents anyhow!

This all came out of that envelope: 2 books on making cards (inspiring, very different from the books about that topic I've seen before), a wooden bookmark, a BC key fob, a BC pin, All American candy, 2 boxes of clove ciggies (a brand that's not available over here) and a huge amount of BC stickers.

Thank you Sheila, you're so full of surprises! <3

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