May 7, 2009


Am in doubt a little. Post this pic or not?
I like my new glasses, but am also a "bit" insecure if they look okay on me.

As a child, I think I was about 10, I got glasses for the very first time. My god, did I hate them! I picked the frame myself, but I'm still wondering what I was thinking...ah well, it was in the eighties and huge glasses were trendy.
Later also a retainer was added, the kind that goes all around your head. Put these 2 images together and you know what I looked like back then:
So much metal in the face, no wonder kids made fun of me. I often left the house in full gear and took retainer & glasses off when I was around the corner.
At a certain point I just refused to wear my glasses anymore and the retainer was replaced by a more subtle one.
I probably have a lazy eye, discovered too late to fix it with an eye patch...lucky me?? Anyway, it means that one eye is far worse than the other, so the good one compensates. Hasn't been a problem for years.

When I was 19, it started to bother me that I couldn't read what the teacher wrote on the black/white board, so I got me a new pair of glasses, Lennon-style. I liked those, but often forgot to use them. A year later I lost them and I just went on without.

My eyes got worse, I think a combi of age and diabetes. When I noticed I couldn't even read the subtitles on our widescreen tv from the sofa anymore, I knew it was time to do something about it. I bought contact lenses and am very satisfied, but the downside is that reading with contacts in is really exhausting for my eyes. So I take them out when I want to read or use the computer. Not a big problem, but I read so often during the day and all that poking doesn't make my eyes very happy.
That's solved now! I'll use the contacts when I'm outdoors and use the glasses for watching tv. And maybe I'll get confident enough to wear them outdoors as well...

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