April 22, 2009


Last weekend our dvd player died, a few secs before the end of the movie we were watching. Frustrating!
As we were longing for some more entertainment, we decided to take a look at the videotapes upstairs. A lot of dust had gathered on the tapes, but what great treasures we found underneath! A while ago we Albert tried to sell the whole collection because it was only in the way, but he couldn't get more than 30 euros for all the 200 tapes so he kept them. And now we're enjoying that decision! We've watched several romcoms already and plan to keep doing this when the new dvd player has arrived. Not all of them, though. Movies like The Ringmaster (Jerry Springer movie), The Dark Side of the Sun (horrible Brad Pitt movie) or Intensive Care (worst horror ever, bought it because my youth hero, Koen Wauters, is in it), those will keep on gathering dust...
Ain't it hip to go retro? Maybe the cd player should break down too, so we have to switch to tapes and vinyl :)

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