April 10, 2009

Ideas Unfolding

A few years ago, a dear friend & fellow creative mind and I were talking about creative blocks and how to overcome those. My friend adviced me to read The Artist's Way, a book by Julia Cameron. It had helped her a lot, she told me.
I put the book on my wishlist on my BookCrossing shelf, hesitated to buy it myself. Not because I thought the book wouldn't be good, no, it was the same fear of starting new things as the one that was blocking my creative flow.
One of BookCrossing's slogans is: the Karma of Literature. I'm a strong believer in Karma and I'd experienced already that it's a very true slogan when it comes to BookCrossing: spread some joy and it will come back to you. It came back: out of the blue someone sent me The Artist's Way.
Stubborn & insecure me was still finding excuses not to use the 12 week programme of the book: the book was in English, it would work better for me if I had a copy in Dutch.
Okay, next step: buy the book in Dutch. I did so, last year.
Did I start the programme? Nope, I read several chapters of the book, but put it right back on the shelf every single time. Kept this wonderful treasure unused, making up all kinds of excuses not to start using it.
Well, it's time for a change!
Yesterday I moved the book from the shelf to the table in the living room, promising myself to keep it there until I start using it.
Browsed the web, saw there are lots of groups that do the programme together, even here in Holland. Wonderful, but often with costs that are higher than my budget.
Would there be online groups? Yes, those exist as well! I think an ontopic forum could be of great help, and there is a forum right at The Artist's Way's website.
I want to find a way to make it work for me, cuz I already know writing morning pages will be a real challenge for me. Not to start, but to keep doing it, not quitting.
I wonder if it would work to write those pages online, where people can see them, as external pressure. My pages would be in Dutch, as the main goal for me is to get back into writing -essays, poetry, stories and hopefully a book!
Hmm, sounds like it's time to get in touch with others about this, starting with making an account at the TAW website!

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