April 18, 2009


A while ago, a fellow BookCrosser from Florida came up with the wonderful idea of making a bookmark box: a box that would travel around the world, visiting book(mark) lovers so they could take out the ones they like and replace those with bookmarks from their own collection. I joined that project and was expecting a (large) envelope, but in the meantime the travelling collection has grown out of any envelope size; it has become a box indeed. I received it a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun going through the album, seeing all these different kinds of bookmarks, getting inspired, reading the journal that travels along and finally, making my choices of what to take out and what to add...
Thanks for organising this, CollegeLady!! The box is on its way to Australia!
The journal that travels along is from paperblank... (do not click on that link! it will make you drool if you're a book/journal lover!) (by the way, I'm the proud owner of this one, which I'm currently using as a diary)

Found these ceramic cat beads at aparte kralen, nice to use on a crocheted bookmark:
These I picked for others: the one on the left is for Albert's American Football collection, the other 4 are a surprise for a fellow bookmark lover:

And these two will stay with me:

As well as this one, it's so cute! I'll laminate it so it will survive living in my books :)

Kitties waiting to be cut out, laminated & cut out again. I promised myself that once I've got a good stack, I'm opening a tiny webshop to see if I'm able to sell some. It's not the most expensive hobby, but I'll need some cash if I want to keep on making them. And great for my self esteem if it would sell! :)


  1. what a bookmark box! wow! what great ideas people come up with and this sharing thing over the internet is fabulous.

    ok, a box is on the way to albert and he should not open the box until the 23rd, tell him that! in case it arrives the day before or so...

    take care!

  2. Thanks for taking all those pictures. I had been wondering what the bookmark box was looking like since I had it. It came through me when it was still "small".