April 14, 2009

Big Mouth

Last week at Catharinaschool (my day 'job' which I picked up again recently), I overheard people talking about how handy it would be if the instructions for the sketch project they were working on, would have been in Dutch. They understood some English, but not enough to follow the intructions properly.
Before even looking at it, I offered to translate it. Why not? My English is far from perfect, but reading large chunks of text in English isn't much of a problem.
Got a copy of the text and am working on it right now, wishing I'd kept my big mouth shut. Should have known the text was very technical and now I understand why people were having difficulties with it. So here I am, chewing at this chunk of text, trying to find the right words in Dutch. And refusing to give it up.
It makes me grin to see myself wrestling with this, to notice I'm still stubborn. The past few years I've been so insecure about almost anything, so I think it's a good sign to overestimate myself instead of underestimating for once. Back to work! ;)

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