April 3, 2009


Since a little while, I'm in the lucky position to write a review now & then for a publisher, Arena (part of Meulenhoff Boekerij). As a reviewer, you receive a book by mail and write a review about it, which the publisher uses for its website. As a thank you, you get to keep the book. Pretty awesome for a bookworm like me!
Recently there was a competition: a group of people received a book written by Torsten Kroll, Callisto, and the 5 best reviews would receive his latest novel before it's being published. Lucky me ended in the top 5 and yesterday the book already arrived! Haven't started reading yet, but I think it will be a good read. Haha, it's just so cool to own a book way before it appears in the book shops :)

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  1. wow! cool stuff sis!
    have you ever read any books by the swedish author stieg larsson? he is very well spoken of and people say he writes stories in his own original way. perhaps something for you? as i never read any books (yeah, i'm more for photo books or practical books) i can't have an opinion, but if i would start reading something he would be my choice.