April 17, 2010

Off we go!

In a few hours we're off to Amsterdam to join the international BookCrossing Convention. A huge pile of books in English, Dutch, German, French and Finnish is waiting to be taken along (so glad I don't have to carry them all by myself!).

It's been 2 years already since we (the Dutch BookCrossers) were chosen to organise this Convention (it's in a different country/state every year and several countries were battling to be chosen) and people have been working on it since then. So much to organise when you know over 200 people will visit the event; finding a place to hold the event, finding sponsors, getting the finances and administration done and lots more.
I didn't join the organising team but have lend a hand by designing the official themed bookplates, gathering goodies for the goodiebags and prizes for the lottery/tombola and I made a bunch of themed bookmarks. So I've been busy with it as well and I'm thrilled to be part of this all.

The Convention last 3 days, starting yesterday. Three whole days is too much for me, so with a little pain in my heart I decided to go only one day. This way I know I can probably handle the being-social part well enough without crossing my boundaries too much.

223 people from 18 different countries (if I counted correctly^^) have bought tickets and have been planning & booking their trips & places to sleep. Major disappointment when that vulcano in Iceland lead to mass cancellation of flights; quite a bunch of people are not going to make it because of that. Such a turn off for them and for the organising people!! Some found other ways of transportation, but the trains and ferries were out of seats in no time, mostly taken by business people. Boohoo!

I've just been watching the first bunch of pictures from yesterday evening, all looking really good & fun. Today we'll be part of that fun (yes, Albert, the non-reader, will join me and he's looking forward to it as well) and of course I'll bring my camera. Pictures will follow soon!

Offtopic: we've been worried about Puschkin lately. He's so fragile and his fur has gotten greasy since he can't reach all the spots anymore. I looked for powder or foam shampoo to help him clean, but in the end we decided a check-up at the vet's would be more helpful. The vet said he's probably only got a mild case of artrosis, it's just the high age that causes the stiffness in his limbs. They took some blood samples and the first results are in: no liver problems at all and his kidneys function well for a cat this old. Next week we'll get the results of his thyroid gland (?? schildklier).
It looks like our little old guy is in better shape than we thought! What a relief!

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