April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Albert!

My love turned 39 and his idea of a perfect day out is a day at the zoo. And I agree, it's a joy to stroll through that park together. Ouwehand's Dierenpark in Rhenen is just a bus ride away. This is an old zoo and lately there have been a lot of improvements going on. The spaces for the animals are bigger now and more like their natural habitats. Most of the big cats have moved to other parks and that's a relief to us. Of course it's great to be able to see every detail of the animals we love the most, but their space was too small and the cats didn't look happy. Now there are only lions and tigers left and they've got plenty of space to run around.

We saw a lot of newborn animals and watched the old bears frolic like cubs. Just a happy, cheerful day.
Afterwards we walked to the "pannenkoekenhuis", a pancake place. Yummie! Albert went for apple-raisin and I couldn't resist the pancake with stir-fried veggies & cheese.

Came home early, took a little old people's nap and watched a movie.

At the moment Albert is reading, a rare thing. He's just not into reading, like I'm not into some of his hobbies. My gift to him was the autobiography of his all-time rock idol, Biff Byford, and it was the first time I saw him get really excited about a book. So glad I could get my hands on that title!
In the 1st 2 pics Albert is wearing pyjamas. A bit of an inside joke between us, he's been talking about buying p.j.'s forever so I decided to buy him a set. It's his last year being thirty-something, he'd better get used to being old ;)


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