July 16, 2009


We went to the "Snuffelmarkt", a permanent market in former factory halls in Tiel. Nice to browse a bit and to find presents for friends ;)
If these would have fit in an envelope, we would have sent it to Tyrre!
Blurry picture, the seller wasn't very happy that I was shooting pics...
These would fit so nice in my parents' living room! ;)
Haha, this is the best place for kitsch!

For some reason I don't feel like smoking at all when we're over there. This is one of the very cosy smoking rooms. Plus Albert. Plus Onslow :)

Albert just begged to pose with this windmill!

The red blurs are "Flipje" statues.
And yes, hardcore is still alive.

1 comment:

  1. HAHAAH, can't wait to see what you found for tyrre! :)
    it would be great with a holland type of flag to remember you guys 24/7, as if we don't already do that. ;)
    what a great place to stroll around.
    flipje statues, hahah, who buys them i wonder?!?
    nice to see albert with the windmill, cutie!
    hope all is well, i'm off to work in a few minutes, just took a shower at the flat.
    talk to you soon!