July 23, 2009

Amazing Discoveries!

Someone mentioned Finntroll as a band I should try. Listened to it, but it's not my style. Too grunty ;)
But while browsing Youtube, I came across TÝR, a band from the Faroe islands (an island group situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately half way between Scotland and Iceland). The first thing I saw was this clip:

Nice clip (hands up for longhaired men!), nice music.
I downloaded (don't tell my hubby, he hates when I do that^^) one of their albums and put it on my mp3 player. Played it during the bus ride to Tiel and while the second song was playing, I had already fallen in love. My type of music for sure!
Here's a song from that album:

I'm also listening to 2 other bands which will be playing in a town near us later this year. It's been a long time since Albert and I went to see live bands. We have been to Fré Spigt often, but she mostly plays in theatres, which is quite a different setting.
Albert and I enjoyed going to concerts together and we decided to try if we still like doing that together. Well, Albert will of course, his life contained mostly of concerts when I met him. For me it will be a good experiment to see if I can handle being in a crowd again.
Epica will play here this fall and we're planning to go. Meet Epica:

And one more clip: Delain. Another option to go see later this year.
I like it:

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