July 9, 2009

Growing Old

We don't know Puschkin's exact age, but it's clear that he's getting really old now. Everything goes a bit slower, he sleeps more than he is awake, he's not really jumping anymore and he's getting skinny. Time for extra attention & care! Now that we're buying him portion packs senior cat food, he's enjoying his meals more and it feels like he's gained some weight back. He can't reach his back anymore, so we brush him often and he likes it.
He never liked to sit on my lap (the cats seem to have decided that the male human is for lap-sitting, while the female human is for playing - clever, a scratch more or less doesn't harm her^^), but being carried around is a whole different thing. And now he even lets me sit down with him in my arms. This is one of those precious moments.
So fond of this grumpy old man! (L)

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