July 9, 2009

Another Book To Read

Yippee, time for another book review!

This book will be in the stores in August and since it's not printed as a real book yet, we (the reviewers) get to read it as a proof (in Dutch: drukproef).
It's nice to see a book in such an early stage; I hope the large size isn't gonna bother me while reading.
Ah well, plenty of time for that: the review has to be ready August 15th. That will work!
It's described as a "literaire thriller", a term
that's kinda frowned upon by Dutch literature lovers, some say it's misleading. It's used often nowadays and I can imagine people don't like this tendency. Doesn't really bother me, but I agree there should be a better term for books like these. The difference between "literaire thrillers" and regular thrillers is, in my opinion, there's more focus on the psychology of a story, the way the characters experience everything that's happening around them.

Ah well, as long as it's a good read, I don't care so much for what name they give it!

Another book described as a "literaire thriller" sneaked into my house by mail; turns out I've won it on a website. Great!

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