June 5, 2009

Your Votes Please! European Council.

Ah, voting time! My first time with the good old red pencil instead of the computer system. Somehow it feels more official. Put my heart & soul in colouring that box ;)
I thought of voting for the "Partij voor de Dieren" (a party that fights for animal rights) this time, but it didn't feel okay not to support the party I'm a big fan of, GroenLinks. Their opinion on animal rights is really strong as well, plus I agree with their opinions on social & environmental issues. In these times of growing xenophobia, I think it's important to carry out a message of tolerance & equality. I hate what's going on in this little country: nowadays it seems to be totally accepted when people shout things about foreigners and closing the borders. It keeps shocking me, but it's even more shocking that it isn't frowned upon anymore. Holland has changed.
Can we stop these messages of hate? I don't know. All I can do is vote from the heart and be open about that. And it's good to see I'm not the only one: 8,8% of the Dutch voters went for GroenLinks and that means 3 seats in the EP. Keep up the good work, Judith, Bas and Marije!
just a split second after dropping my voting paper into the box ;)

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