June 15, 2009

Blisters, Temptations & Haircuts

Just a regular day.
Been to 'school' and I often pay a visit to the little chapel on my way. Love the silence and the possibility to light a candle. At the moment my candles are for Pebby & family, they're going through such hard times.

Noticed I'm only wearing my Converses, so I'm giving another pair of shoes a chance to get some fresh air. After wearing them for a few hours I remember why these shoes aren't on my feet very often: they hurt! Blisters! Bought a pack of blister patches, what a relief...

Note to self: never have a drink here, the slogan reminds me of a politician I hated;)

Just enough change to buy yarn at the market...

...temptation is lurking...

...but I made it! :)
Embarrassing moment when I wanted to pay for the yarn and noticed I was 10 cents short. Did my IQ drop again?! (maybe it did, but on my way home I saw a hole in my wallet) The seller was kind and gave me 10 cents discount:)

In the bus homewards a guy with a hat sat in front of me. I love it when people have the guts to wear a hat!

My hair was getting sooooo long, so I went for a haircut last week.
This is the "before" shot.
Chose to go to a hairdresser in Tiel so I wouldn't have to gossip along with the hair people in our own village, but my gosh, what a commercial shop I picked! The girl who washed my hair tried to sell me some shampoo that I just couldn't live without and had comments on the few grey hairs I've got (nope, I don't need you to dye my hair, I can do that myself way cheaper. Besides, I happen to like those white hairs!).
During the haircut, they placed several products on the side table so I could think about buying those and I got advice on which texturizer to use, of course available at their counter. And why wouldn't I buy their vip card? Pay ahead for 8 haircuts and get 2 extra for free! Well, because I'm not planning to return here. I'm satisfied with the result, but I'd rather practise my "saying no" skills somewhere else.
And this is the "after" shot.
As you can see, I didn't get much sleep last night;)
And yes, my hair is darker. My own color isn't as bright as it used to be, a bit dull as well. So, sorry white hairs, you're covered up after all...

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