November 13, 2009

X factor?

Who says only drunk people and children always tell the truth? Cats can be pretty obvious in their opinions as well!
Our cats are pretty used to loud music and it doesn't seem to bother them. But when I need to focus on something, I sometimes put on my headphones to shut the rest of the world out. I did that today and was listening to a song I really love, a song that helps me to find the right emotions for the part I'm writing. I was singing along, eyes closed.
Suddenly Molotov jumped onto my desk, staring at me with big eyes, meowing, placing his paw on my arm. When I put the headphones aside, I noticed Pavlov was sitting on the floor next to the desk, watching me with the same big scared eyes.

I assured them nothing scary was going on, gave them some cat candy and got back to my desk. I don't feel like singing along anymore, the cats had made their point: I definately don't have the X-factor!!! ;)

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