November 4, 2009

4 days of writing...

...and 26 more to go!
As I mentioned here before, November will be my writing month. As a participant of NaNoWriMo my challenge is to write a story of 50,000+ words in 30 days. It's day 4 now, and my word count is 7005.

Previous participants told me how much fun it was to write this way. Part of me believed them, but the other part had a lot of doubts. I'm not a volume writer. I can be rather chatty in letters and blogs, but when it comes to 'serious writing' I'm focused on quality, not quantity, which means (to me) writing down 4 sentences and erasing most of them, just until I found the perfect way to put it.

I can't work like that if I want to end up with 50K of words, so the first challenge is to keep writing and leave all the flaws where they are; I can fix those later on.
I'm right on track with my stats (check them out here) and since this morning I kinda have a clue where my story is going. But nothing's sure yet, my plot has changed a few times already and even the genre varies. Let's call it "Other genre" for now ;)

I had forgotten how much blood, sweat and tears go into writing, but I'd also forgotten how much fun it is to stretch your boundaries and challenge your brain to produce a story. I've never written any fiction of more than a few pages. Or fiction? There's a lot of me in the story and I'm using my ex shrink & big a-hole as a villain. Haha, if this ever gets printed, I'll dedicate it to him! ;)
(Kidding, this is most likely not going to be printed; if I write with that in mind, all the creativity gets blocked. I'd rather think I'm just practising for 'the real thing', that's better for my nerves)

Well, these first few days I've enjoyed pretending to be a writer a lot. I even go to bed early so I can start writing early in the morning. This is life. I love it.

ps: the bunny in the upper left corner shows my present word count. For stats, go to my NaNo

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