March 9, 2011

Cats cats cats and a piggy!

Meet my newest company: Sarah & Darby!
Both come from the USA, where MeekaMew has her studio and where she creates the most gorgeous creatures. Isn't it amazing how much character these two have, even with just buttons for eyes? Love love love the style and I'm so proud to now own an original k.i.t.t.i.e. and an adorable p.l.u.s.h.i.e. piggy!
MeekaMew and I met through Etsy and we share both the passion for cats as the urge to create one of a kind items. She's got 4 cats as well and I've made 3 miniatures of her cats:


Gilligan, the one on the right

Andee, the one on the left
MeekaMew and I decided to trade, a great experience! Go have a peek in her shop, you'll fall in love!

And of course you're VERY welcome to visit my little Etsy corner as well. If you should decide to buy something, use code XAMANTHALIGHT at the checkout, it will give you 15% discount :)
Here's my Etsy shop (click)


  1. Xamantha - I love the pictures!! Darby and Sarah look to be having the best time >^.^<
    You humble me with your commments about my work, I truly appreciate you!

    The kitties that Xam makes are the most adorable little guys I have ever had the honor to purchase - buy one or more today you will NOT be sorry! :D

    P.S. If anyone comes to my shop to convo me I will give them a special coupon code for purchase if they mention they saw this blog!

    P.S.P.S. I had no idea that Darby had the heart of an adventurer!

    Hugs to you Xam :)