February 19, 2011

Learning from the best

 Yes, I admit: got a lot of Etsy in my mind. That's just my way of being really enthousiastic about something, guess we'll have to live with that ;)

I'm not just selling there, I'm also meeting people and I do a lot of browsing to get inspired. That's what all my "treasuries" are about: a way to say "look what I found!".
And sometimes browsing leads to buying. My excuse: I want to see IRL what other people make and how it looks when it arrives.

Got excited when I found out there's a lot of 'darker' stuff for sale on Etsy, items I instantly fall in love with. Like the cat bookmark and card on the first picture. Blacklilypie made it, and I don't think it acquires a lot of imagination to see why I couldn't resist that bookmark >^^< It came in such beautiful wrapping as well, love how creative people are in all areas!

And then there's Amy. She kinda introduced me to the places where Etsy sellers get to chat with one another (and promote their stuff as well of course^^). Got to chat with her a bit and she's just as nice as her artwork. I bought a set of artprint postcards from her (2nd & 3rd picture), aren't they awesome?

I've met loads of new and very nice people and it would just not be fair to name them all, too much of a risk to forget to include someone. But I hope to be blogging more here and I promise to talk about other people's creations as well!

You might have noticed the look of my blog ;)
The template I used was broken, so I thought it was time for a change. The background and the hearts were designed by BlackPumpkin. Yes, she's an Etsy seller as well :)


  1. Hi dear!!
    What a lovely blog you have!!
    Thank you so much for using my digital paper for your background! It looks great. You did a good job!
    I'm adding you to my blogs list in my blog!!!
    You wonderful cat bookmark is already in my book!!!! :)

  2. :-) I did the same sort of thing when I found out about Etsy, picking favorites, buying some items to see what it was all about. Thanks for the mention! Good luck with your shop too!