September 20, 2010

Threads 'n' Feathers

When I started crocheting amigurumi style, I'd already noticed my creatures were a bit smaller than the more common ones, simply because I prefer a thin kind of yarn and a matching needle.

But then I bumped into MUFFA's website. OMG, how can someone make items THAT tiny?! A few of the things she made only measure 10mm, while the arms, legs and head still can be moved. That's just magical!

I remembered MUFFA's creatures when I was checking out needle sizes and decided to give it a go with the size she uses: 0,5mm. (for amigurumi, people mostly use 2-3mm hooks, my preference is 1,5mm)

Managed to make a tiny bird out of embroidery thread, but man, I still have a headache! A fun experiment and I might try it again, but for now I'm going back to my usual size where I can put in more details and work more neatly. I think the phoenix duckling I made for someone has more personality and it's still keychain size.

In a challenge I joined, we're making ragdolls. It went well until I came to the point where the doll needed to be dressed. Haha, I never made any cloting items before! So I'm going through clothing patterns at the moment, trying to learn a few new stitches so I can make a Lolita outfit for this way too naked doll ;)

Ps: here's an album, showing a few of the items I made. When I use an existing pattern, it's mentioned in the descriptions. Other items come from my own imagination;)
Xamantha's Crochet Album

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