September 21, 2010

4 out of 5

As I may have mentioned before: we don't let Puschkin go out on his own now that he's so fragile. He still has the longing to be outdoors though, so once in a while we guide him into the garden. The other cats always join us :)

I've never seen a cat grow this old before. We don't know Puschkin's and Sachie's ages because they were stray cats, but Puschkin must be over 20 now. He's like those amazingly old people you see on tv, celebrating their 105th birthday: fragile, a bit confused, falling asleep while eating, taking about an hour to get to the other side of the room...but their eyes still sparkle when someone talks about the old days. Puschkin still "runs" to the kitchen when he hears the sound of a can being opened, he still enjoys being brushed & petted and he still uses the kitty litter. Those 3 things (plus: not having major medical problems, of course) tell us he still wants to be here. The past few days we've noticed some changes, seems like he's getting a bit less stabile on his feet every day.
We planned a city trip with a night in a hotel for this week, but we cancelled the hotel. Don't wanna leave the old guy alone for more than a day. Besides, we've spent the hotel money on fancy cat food already ;)

Some snapshots of today:
(ps: Pavlov had a bad hair day, so she isn't in the pictures)


Munchkin, slightly intimidated by Molotov

Sachie, enjoying the sun
Sachie, looking down on me

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