September 14, 2009

A day at the zoo

Last week we visited Burger's Zoo in Arnhem, a zoo we both hadn't been to in ages. Had a great day! We were amazed by the new aquarium and the Desert was lovely. Over all the animals have lots of space and their habitats look wonderful. I felt kinda cripple without my old camera so I didn't focus very much on shooting pics. But here are a few:


  1. strange...been trying to post comments here since you had your b'day and not succeeded until today! don't know what has changed but something has?!

    was trying to post a happy b'day wish but it just wouldn't work! :(

    and tried to comment some more but no. trying again since my test-comment succeeded.

    hmm, the best way is to fry it with a bit of oil, no salt needed as it is so salty already. you can also eat it like it is, in a salad or with what ever you like to eat. but i prefer it fried. slice it into like 0.5 cm and fry until they are golden. you can take them out early from the pan and then they will be more rubbery, if you keep them for longer in the pan you get them more crunchy. i like them both ways. but not too much heat in the pan and if excess water comes out, it will just disappear.

    hope all is well with you guys. that box is still waiting to get finalized so don't worry that you were or are forgotten! oh no! :)

    take care!